Dorothy Brown’s Accomplishments
Financial Accountability Accomplishments
Increased Revenue while Reducing Expenditures!
  • Introduced credit card payment system for bail bonds--led to quicker turnaround of persons in custody and reduction in cash discrepancies. Collected over $38 million.
  • Strengthened collection strategies by getting the law changed to permit the use of collection agencies, resulting in the collection of $24.5 million; and created an internal Financial Compliance Unit that led to the collection of $2.036 million.
  • Implemented cost-saving and revenue generating strategies that have turned the expenditures and revenues upside down; with revenues now more than expenditures by over $20 million; versus 10 years ago at the start of the Dorothy Brown administration, when expenditures were more than revenues by over ($10 million). $356 million new revenue dollars have been added to the county coffers.
Customer Service Accomplishments
  • Raised awareness of $16+ million in unclaimed mortgage foreclosure surplus funds for distressed homeowners. Created online, searchable database of available surplus funds.
  • Implemented online user-friendly Order of Protection (OOP) E-Form for victims of domestic violence.
  • Provided comprehensive information about expungement of criminal records online, at seminars and in public service announcements; instituted annual full service expungement summit that provides direct service to 4000+ customers.
  • Created online search engine for parents to find unclaimed child support checks.
Technological Accomplishments
Rebuilding the infrastructure
  • Linked computers by installing wide area network.
  • Replaced "dumb terminals" with flat-panel monitors and "thin clients."
  • Inaugurated internal and external email system, with periodic upgrades.
  • Upgraded servers to Blade and SAN environment.
Saving money
  • Consolidated the mainframe system with Cook County for savings of $1 million.
Creating user-friendly website and information kiosks
  • Searchable database of 461 fillable court forms.
  • Black Line Trial Call Case Management.
  • Electronic docket searches for Chancery, Civil, Domestic Relations, Law, Probate and Traffic cases.
  • Permitted online payment of traffic fines or to request court date for court diversion tickets.
  • Installed information kiosks at Criminal/Felony, Juvenile Justice and Child Protection Divisions for easy case lookup and retrieval.
  • Created searchable online index of Declaration of Intentions (Immigration) records.
Improving information sharing with justice agencies
  • Implemented Electronic Traffic Ticket system.
  • Implemented file transfer of summons data from Sheriff's Office to Clerk's Office.
  • Instituted nightly reporting to Secretary of State's office of litigants who failed to pay court- ordered traffic fines.
  • Organized and chaired Cook County Integrated Criminal Justice Information System Committee.
Increasing internal efficiency
  • Eliminated carbon paper transactions for central bond court, through automation of the mittimus form.
  • Implemented an Imaging and Document Management system in County, Chancery, Law, Probate, and Civil Divisions.
  • Migrated to distributed reporting in multiple divisions.
  • Installed a $6 million Integrated Cashiering and Security system to improve financial quality controls.
  • Implemented e-filing for commercial litigation in Law Division.
  • Roll out to other divisions coming soon, based on Circuit Court approval.

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